May 18, 2024

About Us

We are experts on your side to quickly maximize your homeowners insurance claim.

American Property Loss Services Adjusters offers public insurance claim adjusting and consultative recovery services to residential homeowners and commercial businesses throughout the United States.

If you are a property owner suffering through the aftermath of major storm damage such as hail storm, tornado, hurricane, wildfire, or other form of devastation, you shouldn’t have to suffer through a homeowners insurance claim nightmare, too. That’s where hiring American Property Loss Services Public Adjusters comes in.

The claims process involves extensive paperwork, accounting, legal, construction, insurance jargon plus knowledge of repairing building structures and code compliance.  Proving your losses is YOUR job, not the insurance company’s, so make sure that you have a public adjuster on your side because the last thing you need at a difficult time is more aggravation.

We take the burden of filing insurance papers off of your shoulders and handle all of the intricacies of a Homeowners Insurance Claim. We treat your insurance claim with extreme care, searching and claiming every possible property loss so that you receive the maximum compensation.

You wouldn’t think to defend yourself in a courtroom without the benefit of a lawyer, so why wouldn’t you contact expert insurance adjusters to defend your homeowners insurance claim.

Did you know that while your insurance company will send out an insurance adjuster to survey the damage done to your property, that adjuster works not for you, but for the insurance company? No doubt, the adjuster that comes out will be nice, friendly, and professional, but too often, insurance company adjusters miss crucial losses. This isn’t because they’re disinterested or deceptive; it’s because finding every little thing to claim isn’t their job. It’s yours. The burden of proof lies with you, the policyholder, not the insurance company and its representatives. Unfortunately, many policyholders are not aware of this and simply agree to whatever the insurance adjuster offers. This can lead to inadequate settlement checks – or worse, denied claims.

Don’t sit on the sideline and let your insurance company determine the value of your property loss.  When you hire a  Public Adjuster, you truly have an advocate on your side digging up everything and taking the burden off of you. Since Public Adjusters are experienced insurance industry professionals, they know how to fill out claims forms accurately and completely, thus reducing delays and leading to faster settlement offers. If your insurance company has an issue with your claim, your American Property Loss Services Public Adjuster will work directly with the insurance company to argue your position and negotiate on your behalf.

American Property LossServices  is an easy choice for any homeowner wanting to secure a large insurance settlement with their insurance company for any property loss, including storm damage.  Our dedicated and licensed Claim Adjusters provide insurance adjusting services with you, the policyholder’s needs in mind.

American Property Loss Services Public Adjusters are paid from the final insurance settlement, not out of your pocket as a small percentage regulated by North Carolina state law but only if they are successful in obtaining a settlement.

The risk for hiring American Property Loss Services is low but the rewards for you are high!


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