June 22, 2024

Colorado Insurance Commissioner – What does a Public Adjuster do for the property owner?

This article released June 28, 2012 by the Colorado Dept. of Insurance is to help people that have suffered property damage, in this case specifically form the wildfires, understand what roles a Public Adjuster can play in the claim settlement process.  It covers what does a PA do, how much should a … [Read more...]

Maui Weekly Reports on Using Public Adjusters to help settle claims

Tread Carefully When Pursuing an Insurance Claim, Expert Says - MauiWeekly.com | News, information, serving Maui, Hawaii weekly — The Maui Weekly. This is a great article from Mauiweekly.com again showing the benefits of working with a Public Adjuster to help property owners recover what they are … [Read more...]

Why Would Your Insurance Company Demand an EUO (Examination Under Oath) ?

Your insurance company may demand an EUO (Examination Under Oath) for a number of reasons such as looking for additional information, investigating potential fraud or as an intimidation tactic to potentially scare an insured. A recent article on claimsjournal.com had the headline "How to … [Read more...]

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