May 18, 2024

Insurance Companies Dropping more than 13,000 South Carolina Homeowner’s Policies

Allstate and Farm Bureau have announced they are dropping more homeowner's insurance policies.  Allstate has announce dropping policyholders that do not have more than one policy, older homes or homes under a certain value.   Allstate has already dropped mobile homes near the coast.  Farm bureau has … [Read more...]

Colorado Insurance Commissioner – What does a Public Adjuster do for the property owner?

This article released June 28, 2012 by the Colorado Dept. of Insurance is to help people that have suffered property damage, in this case specifically form the wildfires, understand what roles a Public Adjuster can play in the claim settlement process.  It covers what does a PA do, how much should a … [Read more...]

FEMA: FEMA and Whole Communities Continue Support in Aftermath of Storms

FEMA: FEMA and Whole Communities Continue Support in Aftermath of Storms. States affected this weekend by severe storms were Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Washington DC.  Reports have been coming in from rural areas that golf ball … [Read more...]

June 25 2012 – Wild Weather in the Southeast causes Property Damage

As a rare cold front moved through the Southeast US on June 25 2012, temperatures dropped by from the mid 90's to the 70's in a matter of minutes sparking strong thunderstorms, hail and a few isolated tornado sightings.  Summer storms like these can cause large amounts of differing types of damage … [Read more...]

Maui Weekly Reports on Using Public Adjusters to help settle claims

Tread Carefully When Pursuing an Insurance Claim, Expert Says - | News, information, serving Maui, Hawaii weekly — The Maui Weekly. This is a great article from again showing the benefits of working with a Public Adjuster to help property owners recover what they are … [Read more...]

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