July 16, 2024

Colorado Insurance Commissioner – What does a Public Adjuster do for the property owner?

This article released June 28, 2012 by the Colorado Dept. of Insurance is to help people that have suffered property damage, in this case specifically form the wildfires, understand what roles a Public Adjuster can play in the claim settlement process.  It covers what does a PA do, how much should a … [Read more...]

Public adjuster – Wikipedia Definition and Description

Public adjuster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A public adjuster is an insurance claims adjuster who is an advocate for the policyholder in appraising and negotiating a first party insurance claim.[1] Aside from attorneys and the broker of record, public adjusters licensed by state departments … [Read more...]

NFIP has been directed since 2004 that there is no longer any requirement to withhold the “recoverable depreciation”

As written by the Outer Banks Sentinel: "The NFIP flood adjusters' manual states that primary residences are not to be depreciated but almost all of the proofs of loss examined by the Sentinel contained depreciation of things such as floors, stairs, doors, etc. That depreciation was noted as … [Read more...]

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