June 22, 2024

Homeowners Property Damage Claim Services

Your home - protect your investment

Your home – protect your investment

A home is more than just a major financial investment. Your home provides you and your family with shelter from the dangers of the outside world.

American Property Loss Service’s Public Adjusters know how much your home means to you – and how much the loss of your home means to you. When it comes to handling a homeowners property damage claim, an experienced public adjuster can allow you to get back to your life after a major property loss claim.

Be it simple and austere or large and extravagant, you’re at a disadvantage when you have major house damage or a total loss of your home. Damage to your home or personal property – even a small loss – can be an emotional and confusing experience especially when having to handle a property damage insurance claim.  You face a home insurance claim process that could easily stretch out for more than a year, require reams of paperwork and leave you exhausted.

Home ownership comes with many responsibilities; the most important of which is protecting the financial investment you’ve made in your home.   Most people do not bother to learn anything about insurance until they have a loss.

Unless you’ve already run the gauntlet of a major home insurance claim, you don’t know what to expect.  It is extremely important for you to thoroughly understand your homeowners insurance policy. You should know what perils are covered, and whether the coverage amounts are sufficient in the event of a disaster. Discuss with your insurance agent your homeowners insurance policy because it’s your responsibility to understand should you have a homeowners insurance claim.

What is a Covered Property?

The first step to understanding house insurance claims is knowing what’s covered property.  Properties are divided into four separate categories.  Read More of covered property in an insurance claim.


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