July 16, 2024

Adjusting Tips for Business Interruption Claims

Adjusting Tips for Business Interruption Claims.

This article was on ClaimsJournal.com early last week, just before all of the snow and ice moved through the midwest.  After a week of severe snow and cold, we expect more and more calls for business interuption (BI) claims due to many types of covered losses; burst pipes, collapsed roofs and long term power outages.

In addition to the tremendous amount of damage that the primary insurance claim can cause, the loss of revenue while the repairs are being made can be devastating to a small (or large) business.

Imagine that your store is closed for the next 3 months.  Can you pay the rent without your customers coming to see you?  How about your employees?  How do they get paid?  Can you afford to move your entire business across town and start over?

These losses normally come under business interruption coverage or other endorsements.  If you have a business claim and are not sure what is supposed to be paid for, then call American Property Loss Services, Inc. for a free claim review today!

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