July 16, 2024

Hail Storms Continue to Pound East Coast Properties

2012 has seen some of the most severe hail storms in years

Storm after storm has produced large damaging hail all across the US, especially in the Mid Atlantic

Reports of property damaging hail keep coming in.  The week leading up to the July 4th holiday has some of the strongest and widespead hail storms of the season.  Some areas that were affected are:

June 28th

  • Washington DC – Category 1

July 1st

  • Wilmington NC – Category 5
  • Columbia SC – Category 5
  • Greenville SC – Category 5
  • Raleigh NC – Category 5
  • Roanoke VA – Category 5
  • Cleveland OH – Category 5
  • Charleston SC – Category 5
  • Detroit MI – Category 5
  • Cincinnati OH – Category 4
  • Charleston WV – Category 4
  • Richmond VA – Category 4
  • Knoxville TN – Category 4
  • Macon GA – Category 4
  • Chicago IL – Category 4
  • Atlanta GA – Category 3
  • Milwaukee WI – Category 3
  • Morehead City NC – Category 3
  • Grand Rapids MI – Category 3
  • Indianapolis IN – Category 3
  • Evansville IN – Category 3
  • Fort Wayne IN – Category 3

July 3rd

  • Detroit MI – Category 3
  • Cleveland OH – Category 3
  • Grand Rapids MI – Category 2

With some of these areas being hit week after week, the amount of damage to roofs, gutters, siding and other exterior building components can be staggering.  Some property owners are calling in claims that are being denied for too little damage, only to have another storm hit a few days later causing more damage.  When the property owner calls back to report more damage they are having a hard time getting a reinspection of their property based on the prior inspection.

Some property owners are having a hard time getting any inspections at all, as adjusters are overwhelmed with claims.  Many times a third party inspection company is doing the inspection, for a fee, and denying the claim.

If you have property damage from hail, or any other covered insurance loss, call today for a free claim review.

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  1. PublicAdjuster says

    Sunday the 8th brought more strong hail and wind to areas from the midwest to areas along the eastern US. Washington DC, Richmond VA and Evansville IN were hard hit (Cat 3 Hail) again. Areas in Kentucky and Tennessee saw Cat 2 hail in many areas as well.

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