June 22, 2024

Michigan Wildfires Destroy Dozens of Homes

Wildfires in Michigan have destroyed homes, businesses and other personal property in the Upper Peninsula.  Many of these areas have been blocked off and homeowners are not being allowed back in to start to evaluate their damages.  As these fires damage homes and belongings, property owners are being forced to sit back and wait.

Once the property owners are allowed back, they can expect to find some homes completely burned out of existence and trying to prove to their insurance company what they had, how old it was and what is is worth.  All without the benefit of being able to see any of it.

At American Property Loss Services, Inc. we have experience in helping recreate in estimate form not only the real property, but any business or personal property as well.  We will walk you through the process of filing the claim paperwork and the process of monies being released to the property owner and we’ll help document the loss right down to the smallest of details, ensuring the best recovery allowed for by the policy for this loss.

And our services do not stop there.  We stay on your team until the last items are replaced and the insurance “depreciation holdback” is released.

If you have been affected by this wildfire, or any other insurance claim, please contact our office for a free claim review.

855 757 2757 – toll free

At American Property Loss Services, Inc. “Your Recovery is our Success!”


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