May 18, 2024

Hurricane Florence Is On The Way



House pushed off foundation by hurricane

Say hello to hurricane season. The first major hurricane of the year, hurricane Florence, is barreling upon the East Coast right this moment! Not only is it a hurricane, it’s looking like it’s quite a destructive one. Waters in the Atlantic are as warm as “bath water”, all that is going to do is fuel the storm. Beyond that, we have a large high pressure front to the north, that’s what’s keeping the hurricane on it’s current track towards the east coast. With all of the wind and rain this storm is supposed to bring across the entire state, it probably isn’t far off to expect quite widespread destruction. For most of us, especially those living inland, we haven’t faced down such a strong storm in maybe our whole lifetime. You need to be prepared for the worst to happen at any time. Are you prepared for the aftermath if things do end up being catastrophic? Well, if you need any assistance with insurance claims , damage assessment, or really anything dealing with your insurance during these difficult times, we’ve got your back. Contact us if you need our help at all! We know dealing with insurance can be difficult and just plain confusing, we deal with them for a living!


Hiring a public adjuster will allow you to worry less about all of the annoying insurance and money things. In the meantime you’ll be able to focus on rebuilding, repairing, or helping others around you who need it. We truly are aiming to make the community a better place for all with out services. Sadly, you’re the one responsible for proving any damages to the insurance company, not the other way around. One good tip for staying ahead of that is to take photographs of all the parts of your home while they’re still in good condition, even the cups in the cupboard if you can. The more ground you cover, the better for you. Worried about flooding in your home? Photograph your floorboards before hand! Insurance companies are great, but they are here to make money and they’ll do what they can to maintain that bottom line. Don’t forget about things around the home like your car, any other vehicles or outdoor buildings, it all matters and can all be swept or blown away in the blink of an eye!

For anyone who hasn’t personally been through a hurricane, if you saw all of the destruction they caused around the country last year, you know that they are nothing to trifle with. This storm is looking like it will be no different. If you DO live on the coast and have been told to evacuate, you need to do just that! Your home, stores, and anything else can be replaced, and we can help you with that! You, on the other hand, can’t be replaced so please take care of yourself and those around you, make smart choices. You can’t predict the future, you never know what’s going to happen! If you need to keep up with the storm, pay a visit to the weather channel. They’ll keep you up to date on all that you need to know!

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