May 18, 2024

Avoid Costly Mistakes with Your Property Claim

Hurricane storm damageMistakes can be difficult to correct.  American Property Loss NC Public Adjusters help policyholders navigate the claims process to avoid pitfalls and mistakes.

By getting a Public Adjuster on your side as soon as possible, your property claim will have a greater chance of being correct when submitted the first time.

Did you know that insurance company adjusters form their initial impressions of your claim immediately after your loss?  Without all the facts, insurance company adjusters reserve, or set aside, funds for your claim, based on their estimate of the damage, not yours.

With American Property Loss Public Adjusters on your side from the beginning, we will make sure the insurance company is forming an accurate opinion of your loss. Keep in mind it’s your responsibility as the policyholder to make sure the insurance company’s estimate is accurate.

You wouldn’t think to defend yourself in a courtroom without the benefit of a lawyer, so why wouldn’t you contact expert insurance adjusters such as American Property Loss to defend your homeowners insurance claim?


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